Theoretical information is put to test handiest whilst it is implemented to realistic situations. As a result, the need of the hour is nicely-prepared laboratories for each of the subjects taught in the faculty.

We provide the following laboratory centers for realistic paintings.

Computer Lab

Smart elegance makes abstract principles more clean. Inside the gift trend amidst fast development in science and era, the clever magnificence has delivered about a revolution inside the coaching studying procedure.

This has benefited the visible, auditory and the kinesthetic learner. This software has supplied many techniques to all students for attaining success in an effort to ultimate an entire life.

Physics Lab

For school students to acquire the guide and mental skills related to studying physics, the scholars are engaged in laboratory activities like taking size of physical quantities with appropriate accuracy, reputation of factors that would have an effect on the reliability in their measurements, inference and reasoning from their observations and expand the skill and capacity to rationally protect their conclusions and predictions. Butterfly area experiments with reference to subjects related to the syllabus like force of gravity, projectile motion, momentum and so forth are performed in the physics lab.

Chemistry Lab

The curriculum this is being accompanied presently in Arunachala School covers a wide range of topics in chemistry, with plenty of possibilities for practical work, and presents first-hand experience in statement and manipulation.

Goals which are accomplished via the usage of the chemistry laboratory are: attitudes – for example, curiosity, interest, danger taking, objectivity, precision, self assurance, perseverance, pride, responsibility, consensus, collaboration, and liking for science.

Biology Lab

All technology teachers and students know that practical work is the ‘gem’ of technology teaching. In biology laboratory at our global faculty students are made to use the anatomy models and apprehend one-of-a-kind theories and ideas which in any other case are complex. Biology version emphasize the improvement of conceptual information, essential thinking, in place of memorization of statistics.

Students have distinctive varieties of studying. “learning fashion” refers to the manner individuals understand, interact with, and respond to the mastering environment. Models, diagrams, charts, motion pictures, uncommon pictures, posters and satellite tv for pc pics assist children recognize biology. The scholars reasoning talents are honed for constructivist studying and encouraging cognitive development.

Language Lab

The language lab, guided by using skilled college, turns on, and enhances the self getting to know technique and offers a space for the students in growing their skills thru cognitive tasks. It incorporates interactive capabilities along with listening and voice recording, blends trainer led schooling and computer based totally training.